We publish scientific articles on Extension and the Extension Profession in our journal. Before articles are published they are peer reviewed by a panel of Editorial Advisors. Journals are very good sources of information for Extension Workers and students.

Article decision-making process:

After an article is submitted to SAJAE (South African Journal of Agricultural Extension), the Editor screens the article and decides whether or not to send it for full peer review.

If the article is suitable for the journal, non-members will be notified to pay R2000 for the article to progress further.

Only after clearing the initial screening is the article sent to three peer reviewers.

The peer review is completed once all the reviewers send the Editor a detailed report with their comments on the article and their recommendations.

Typically, reviewers complete their reviews within 4-6 weeks.

The Editor considers the feedback provided by the peer reviewers and arrives at a decision. The following are the most common decisions that are made:

  • accept without any changes (acceptance): the journal will publish the article in its original form;
  • accept with minor revisions (acceptance): the journal will publish the article and asks the author to make small corrections;
  • accept after major revisions (conditional acceptance): the journal will publish the article provided the authors make the changes suggested by the reviewers and/or editors;
  • revise and resubmit (conditional rejection): the journal is willing to reconsider the article in another round of decision making after the authors make major changes;
  • reject the article (outright rejection): the journal will not publish the article or reconsider it even if the authors make major revisions.

The author corrects the recommendations and send it back to the Editor.

The article is then sent to professional grammar editors for final editing.

On completion of 10-14 articles, the journal is submitted for publication.


Articles for possible publication in SAJAE must be submitted to the Assistant Editor, Dr. Jan Swanepoel, Email:

The Open Access version of SAJAE appears on SciELO (Scientific Electronic Library Online)

The SAJAE also appears as Open Access on AJOL (African Journal Online)

The subscription version is hosted in-house by Sabinet, SA ePublications

SASAE Members can access the full text of the Journal either on the Open Access portals, or on Sabinet.

For access via Sabinet, please contact: or Phone: 051 401 2782 for your USER ID and PASSWORD.

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