New Management Committee 2018 - 2019

Chairperson:Dr. Mona Matiwane
Vice Chairperson:Mr. Sydney Nengudza
Secretary:Mrs. Thembi Ngotho
Additional member:Mrs. Tshegofatso Mosadi
Treasurer:Mr. Ben Stevens

Ms. Rendani Tshiololi
Mr. Nkotsana Maakamedi
Mr. Timothy Mabuza
Mr. JJ Mokoena (outgoing Chairperson)


The Central Branch of SASAE will be holding its Annual Symposium on 16 September 2015 at the Sanlam Auditorium, at the University of Pretoria. The theme is: Extension Services in line with Professionalism and current Policies. Please see the documents attached for details about the Symposium and AGM.

Extension Science has been registered as a field of practice by SACNASP. All Extensionists must by law register with SACNASP to be able to practice. On the other hand is SASAE the professional body for Agricultural Extensionists.

There are concerns among officials about the roles that each body play in the extension fraternity and the implications of not registering with the two bodies. The symposium will clarify the importance of registering with SASAE and how does SASAE fit in the whole picture of Professionalism with SACNASP.

There are also Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points that need to be accumulated to keep SACNASP Membership valid. The CPD points and who they are accumulated will also be discussed.

So it is a Symposium not to be missed.

Central Branch Management.

Informant August 2013
When I started my career as an Extension Officer in 1988, providing extension and advisory service was convenient. It was convenient in the sense that whenever farmers wanted some answer to their farming challenges, the extension officer would go and search for answers and come back some days later without much pressure. Such a practice was a normal phenomenon to the farmers.

Today time is precious in extension and advisory service. Today farmers cannot wait for some days for answers. When they have questions about their production challenges, they want answers now. Time to them is very important for their operations are time and market dependant. Markets want services timely, so are our farmers.

Extension and advisory service is now digital conscious. Through its Extension Recovery Plan (ERP), the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) provides its extension work force with information and communication technology (ICT) devices such as laptops, smart pens, etc. It also subscribes them to internet services such as Extension Suite Online (ESO) to enhance their prompt response to farmers’ farming information challenges.

This therefore renders extension officers that still rely on the old practice absolutely extinct because once farmers realize that an extension officer still relies on the old practice such an extension officer loses their confidence and future service demand. Extension officers are now edged to change and adapt to the current inevitable digital approach. When a farmer asks a question, just press a button on your cell phone and respond promptly, now not tomorrow. Editor


Chairperson: Mr. Timothy Mabuza
Vice Chairperson: Mr. J.J. Mokoena
Secretary: Ms. P. Maibelo

Co-opted members:
Mr. B. Stevens (Treasurer)
Ms. E.S. Makola
Mr. N.S. Poto
Ms. X. Dhlamini
Mr. C. Last
Mr. B. Diale
Mr. S. Njoni

Informant January 2013
The Informant had deemed it fit to conscientize members about the existence and availability of Agricultural Extension Manuals in the Branch. The Central Branch has developed training manuals for the benefit of extension practitioners across the board. The Manuals contain a vast amount of information that is very important for enrichment of knowledge in extension and advisory approaches and practices. The following topics have been covered therein:

• What is extension?
• Groups in agricultural extension work.
• Role of small-group techniques in agricultural extension.
• A manual to mobilize farmers into effective farmer groups for sustainable agriculture development.
• The role of the specialist and the generalist in extension.
• Preparing and presenting of a poster.
• Creating and presenting effective presentation.

Members are advised to contact the SASAE Secretariat at  for electronic copies of the manuals (R50.00 each). They are also urged to advise SASAE Central Branch’s Management Committee about any new topic that is not covered by the existing training manuals. Members can send their proposed topics to the SASAE Secretariat. Editor

Informant August 2012 SASAE Central Branch News Letter
“Life is like a ten-speed, most of us have gears we never use (Charles Schultz). All extension workers have potential to change the world. However, the approach is not to attempt to change the world per se but to change the way we see and do things for if you can’t see it, you must change the way you look at it. Jimmy Dean says “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination”.

We are there to change ourselves and the world but to achieve such changes, we need to first believe in ourselves as capable change agents. Remember, “people become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success (Norman Vincent Pearl). “You have to have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through (Rosalynn Carter)”. In other words, our strength is the belief we have in ourselves.


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