Development of Africa Manifesto and Plan of Action on Forgotten Foods.


The main objective of the stakeholder’s dialogue on forgotten foods is to develop a comprehensive stakeholder
owned Africa manifesto on forgotten foods. Such objectives are focusing on the followings:
1. Facilitating effective engagement of stakeholders in Africa’s food systems to actively contribute to crafting
the manifesto on forgotten food.
2. Validation of a working paper on the state of the forgotten foods in Africa.
3. To increase awareness about forgotten foods and build momentum towards the subsequent implementation
of the plan of action.

The engagement will involve:

1. The circulation of a working paper on the state of Africa’s forgotten foods which will be prepared as part of this exercise; 2. Convening a webinar to get reflections on Africa’s forgotten foods by thought leaders on this subject and discuss the content and recommendations of the working paper, and 3. To trigger online discussions on forgotten foods that will increase awareness and interest on
the subject.

Webinar and its organisation
The webinar will be organized using the Zoom platform on Thursday 20th May 2021 between 10:00 – 1200
hours GMT. It will be hosted by FARA.
Register with this link;
The webinar will comprise of three segments,
1) Section one: Opening
• Opening remarks by leaders in Africa’s agriculture.
• Keynote statements from thought leaders on Africa’s forgotten foods.
2) Section two: Technical discussion
• Presentation of the working paper on the state of forgotten foods;
• High-level panel discussion (Panelist drawn from key stakeholders’ group viz., research, farmers organization,
policies, private sector).
3). Section Three: Validation Process
• Survey of participants on elements of the proposed Africa manifesto on forgotten foods.
The webinar will be co-convened with GFAR within the frame of the Independent Dialogues of the UNFood
Systems Summit (Action Track 1). It will be registered on the UNFSS web page and widely disseminated.
FARA will facilitate wide publicity for the webinar using its convening powers.
Report of the webinar proceeding will be produced and disseminated widely.
The required documents viz., Africa manifesto and the working paper will afterwards be finalized for integration into the Global manifesto.
The consultative webinar is expected to yield the following outputs;
• A validated working paper on the state of forgotten foods in Africa. This paper will be the principal reference
in the preparation of Africa’s manifesto on forgotten foods.
• A report of the webinar highlighting the views of thought leaders and stakeholder views expressed
through the survey.

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