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Welcome to the official Website of SASAE. You are welcome to browse through our site. If you want to make use of the site and information on the site, please read the “Privacy Statement” and “Terms & Conditions” at the bottom of this page.

Paid-up members of SASAE will be able to access all the information of Journals of SASAE. Non-members will have restricted access. To become a member go to the “Membership Registration” tab, You can register as a new Member of SASAE online or download the application form and send to the Secretariat.

Depending on qualification and experience the Society accommodates its members as Professional Extension Scientists, Certificated Extension Technologists Level A or B and Associate Extension Technologist. Present Membership stands at 1200 and is growing.

The Society was established on 23 August 1966 at the University of Pretoria by 128 founder members. The original Board consisted of five persons coming from the Academic, State and Private Sectors. The Mission and Objectives of the Society are as follows.


The South African Society for Agricultural Extension (SASAE) is a Scientific Society, which in the interests of its Members is committed for the promotion of the Science and Vocation of Agricultural Extension, through its Members.

Annual Conference

Annual Conferences have been held since 1966 on a wide variety of themes.

You can access the proceedings of past conferences at the "Conferences" button.


  • To advance and apply the SCIENCE AND PRACTICE OF AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION within Rural Development as a scientific discipline by stimulating thought, study, research, discussion and the publication and exchange of knowledge both Nationally and Internationally.
  • To promote the professionalism, status and dignity of the AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION PROFESSION amongst members, the scientific fraternity, Agricultural Extension Practitioners, the general public and with the studying youth
  • To practice the natural-, economic- and managerial sciences responsibly and in PUBLIC INTEREST.
  • To act as representative MOUTHPIECE for the extension profession in agriculture.

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